Learn How To Listen To Your Skin

“Get ready, we’re going out! See you in 5!” The text comes and what do you do? Face wash, even a scrub, maybe? And maybe a patch of compact? And a good outfit, is that it? 

We all do it. All the time. Even when you say that you do have a proper skincare routine for your morning time or for before bed, you might really not be listening to your skin. Sometimes, you might be doing everything and one morning, you wake up with wrinkles, dark circles or the one-word horror story, pimples!

You might not be listening to your skin. Intuitive learning is a thing and we are glad that’s what you are here for!

Keep an eye on what you eat

You are scrolling through your Instagram and you come across a quote, “You are what you eat” and what you do? You keep scrolling. Well, that quote should be taken very seriously if you are a human. Even animals, plants and bird should take it seriously but I’m pretty sure they are not going to read this. But I’m glad you are reading this. 

The secret to your overall health and specifically, the health of your skin lies in your shopping list. All the fruits and vegetables are better but leafy vegetables are the best. Leafy greens are the source of a lot of vitamins and minerals. So see the amounts of greens in your plate. The greener, the better. The general rule is, the darker the colour of the greens, the more nutritious they are.

Keep a journal

The tough suggestion even includes keeping a journal. Journal what you eat in a day and when you wake up the very next day, write about how you feel. Do you feel good? What did you have yesterday? Meat? Green vegetables? Green tea? Fruits? Pizza? It is a way to identify and learn how to listen to your body. 

Talk to your skin

I know it sounds very odd but isn’t it too obvious? The topic of this blog is to learn how to listen to your skin but the only way that we don’t think about is actually talking to the skin! Take some time out from your busy schedule, go to the mirror, smile and talk. Appreciation has a very huge role in this. Tell your skin all the goodies you can think of. Maybe, talk with your shoes in the third person. Make your skin a part of this conversation. The basic rule is, appreciate, appreciate and appreciate. The human psychology is when somebody shows you something and if you straight away tell them that it isn’t very good, it could’ve been better. The person gets demotivated. Instead, no matter how bad someone’s creation is when you appreciate it, they get motivated to do better. When you learn to appreciate your skin, it does better the next day. And the pleasure is all yours!

Read the signs

This one is just way too easy because even when you are not told to see the signs, you will see the signs. In fact, some of us are too busy to look closely at the mirror and do that before it’s too late. Read the signs. Pimples. Pigmentation. Tanned skin. Dark circles. Wrinkles. These are all the signs. These signs are the results of something you have done. When you know the signs, you can better identify what you did to get these signs. Did you sleep late? Is your pillow, phone or towel dirty? Did you eat junk? Did you forget to take care of your skin? Listen and adapt. That’s all there is. 

We are way too glad that these tips reached you and we hope that you will follow these religiously. We are The Clay Care, a brand based out of Multani Mitti. It is our magic ingredient. We believe that nature has all the right ingredients for us; nature knows how to better take care of our skin. 

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